About Us

BTS was established in 1988 and deals with the supply of electronics components according to the demand of the client and the characterization of the product. The service is provided after acquiring in-depth understanding prior to supply in order to provide our clients with a professional, precise, and quality service. The company provides services to a variety of clients in many countries throughout the world including Israel, India, China, Russia, and Germany.

The company was established by Mr. Shimon Bazov, and electronics engineer by profession, and a Business Management graduate, with an expertise of over 30 years in the processes of manufacturing and engineering electronic components. Additionally, Mr. Bazov has trained and licensed manufacturing workers in the field of electronic products and given professional training course in the field  on behalf of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. Mr. Bazov is renowned for his broad professional knowledge in the field of electronics and the capability for an in-depth understanding of the client’s needs, accordingly, he and his staff provide precise solutions to these needs.

Upon its establishment, the company dealt with the assembly of electronic circuits and wiring work and provided a framework of solutions to the finished product. Over the years, the company underwent re-characterization based on market need and as of 2005, began supplying electronic components for industry at competitive prices and short supply periods. The company provides its services to a wide array of industries in Israel and around the world, among them factories with manufacturing lines , start-up companies and plants in the fields of aviation, space, medicine, communications, transportation, and more.

The core activity of the company is the supply of electronic components. The company staff includes experienced professionals who provide professional services to their clients, among them engineers, procurement managers, logistics, operation, and maintenance personnel. The company staff’s services are fit to order to the customer, and throughout the process, from the characterization and need analysis stage, through the purchase and to response to the client after provision for any question or requirement.

The company processes are authorized and in accordance with the strictest standards in the world ISO9001:2015, AS9120B.

BTS is a member of the world ERAI organization working against component forgery and distribution.

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