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BTS is an independent supplier of electronics components to a wide range of industries; manufacturing lines, startup companies, the fields of aviation, space, transportation, medical, communications, power, and more. Services are provided by an experienced professional team based on the client’s demands and the nature of the product, with an emphasis on uncompromising reliability.

The company operates in accordance with the strictest global standards ISO9001:2015, AS9120B.
In addition, BTS is a member of ERAI organization.

Company Speciality

Electronic / Electro-Mechanic Components
The company supplies electronic / electro-mechanic components according to the demand of the client, including components whose manufacture has been ceased (obsolete).
Machine Manufacture/ Maintenance
Supply of original components for industrial machines for manufacture/ maintenance.
Aviation/ Defense / Medical
Supply of components that comply with the demands of the product in conformation with strict quality standards.
Power\communication components
Supply of power components such as modules, IGBT components, etc.


Strict Examinations

All products undergo meticulous examinations documented on the company IT system

Technical Support

Support is proved to order for every client, including alternative solutions if necessary.

On time delivery

The company is committed to on-time delivery base costumer needs and schedules.

Commitment to Quality

The company supplies components from the leading manufacturers in the world.

Customer Service

The company customer services team personally accompany the client from quote to delivery.