Electronic components

BTS supplies for companies and EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Service) factories with electronic parts while providing made to order services. As part of its service to its clients, the company provides professional accompaniment throughout the process of purchase and supply.

The head value of the BTS is supply of components for manufacturing lines maintenance and R&D. The components are supplied on the basis of ongoing production from the date of manufacture up to 24 months.

BTS has the capability to locate components that not in unavailable in the manufacturer’s inventory, and declare by manufacturer as discontinued part.

The company has the ability to reduce supply time, and if necessary provides alternative quality solutions to these components.

BTS is aware of the importance and significance of a missing component in the manufacturing line. Therefore, the company service team places great effort into locating the necessary components and provides the client with the optimal solution.

The company operates according to strict and organized work processes. The components are suppling arrive from warehouses in the world, stored according to the strictest standards to preserve their quality everytime.

BTS pricing policy is competitive and fair, and it provides services to organizations and companies that view it as a stable and reliable supplier of quality electronic components.

BTS structure is according to international standards such as ISO9001:2015, AS9120B.

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